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Tag Archives: grandparenting

Saturday Shenanigans

What will our grandson, Phoenie remember from his last summer weekend at Papak and Nana’s house? Well…that’s Phoenie on Papak’s shoulders, jumping out of the boat. The picture tells the […]

Guy Time

Chris and Phoenie are back from their “guys only” fishing and camping trip – no girls allowed. The boys had a blast together and when they came back,  Phoenie told […]

The Look Of Hope

My sister in law recently sent us this picture of Chris and I, with our precious grandson, Phoenie. There is something that draws my attention to Phoenie’s face. It’s the […]

A Kiss

Seven year old Phoenie is going through this stage when he refuses to kiss anyone.  He’s very generous with the hugs but the kisses are “yucky.” All through the Christmas holidays, […]

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