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I’ve spent some time with a few women this past week whose pasts continue to plague them. “I’ll never change. I feel hopeless.” “I’m giving my best but nothing changes […]

Rebirth and New Hope

My heart is always heavy when I learn of someone I love, who is suffering with addiction. I feel a deep sadness today, knowing that there is nothing that I […]


A funeral is a death ritual…a meaningful death ritual. Funerals have beautiful potential for healing – for training people to be celebrants of life, rather than fearers of death.  Males and […]

The Roast

Two thousand kilometers after my broken collar bone,  I was coasting down a long hill on a brisk October afternoon.  It was the last stretch of a good ride.  I […]

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Picket Fences

When Jesus was born and during the years that he “grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men,” his mother Mary quietly watched, “treasured up all […]

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