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Tag Archives: Holy Spirit

Rebirth and New Hope

My heart is always heavy when I learn of someone I love, who is suffering with addiction. I feel a deep sadness today, knowing that there is nothing that I […]

Francis Chan Quote

I don’t want my life to be explainable without the Holy Spirit.  Francis Chan I’ve been thinking of this quote for the past few days. It’s quite a challenge, isn’t […]

Anger Management

This is a tough one.  I couldn’t let this situation with the mechanic go. ( See August 30, October 11 ) This man did not respond to either of the emails […]

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Who Has Seen the Wind?

The waves crescendoing in whitecaps, folding and disappearing into the lake, the smaller waves splashing onto the dock and bouncing off the waterfront rocks, the fresh laundry dancing on the […]


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