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After an evening of mystery dinner theatre, starring the talented and home schooled son of some good friends, Chris and I headed home to watch a taped So You Think […]

Unexpected Joy

This story really moves me – a family’s calm and solid conviction that God is present, loving and their Hope in everyday life. It boasts of a God Who gives strength […]

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It’s Monday morning and during the past four hours, I received six emails from friends who are struggling…and it’s not the Monday blues.  I think that we, as women, get overwhelmed […]

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Big Picture Focus

I’m fifty-five years old and I’m still very dubious of needles. I have a vivid memory of Dr. Revich impatiently chasing me around his big brown doctor desk, trying to […]

My Thumb Boo-Boo

On Saturday night, my husband and I decided to head to the local theatre and take in an 8:00 movie. At 7:56, I slammed the car door on my left […]


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