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Summer’s Over…

It kinda’ made me sad, looking at the old minnow buckets sitting on the end of the dock. They look so lonely. I’m used to seeing a group of young, […]

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Summer Is Coming 1

I had to chuckle when I saw this portable cart, bursting with ceramic animal figures, resting on my neighbour’s front lawn.  When you love to garden, putting out the animal […]

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It’s been snowing all day and the lake is blanketed with snow.  I look out the window and this is what I see. It’s glorious.  Honestly, I could sit here […]


Hallelujah Chorus

Ever fresh, ever powerful, it’s that special time of the year for Messiah, Handel’s extraordinary masterpiece. Yesterday afternoon, Chris and I went to see The Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Toronto […]

I Do Wonder About Winter…

Winter is coming. The patio furniture has been stored away and our small deck looks vast and empty. The dock has been brought in, the marine railway has been hauled […]


The Thanksgiving Chair

I just finished my favorite sandwich of the year – the “turkey-and-dressing-and-a-little-bit-of sausage meat-on-fresh-toasted-oatmeal-bread-with-butter-and-mayo-the-day-after-Thanksgiving” sandwich. There’s just nothing better. When everyone has gone home, (well, almost everyone) the festivities are […]

Rainy Mondays

My husband, Chris says that rainy Mondays are for late afternoon naps.  I think they’re for homemade chili with fresh garden tomatoes and hidden pieces of tofu.  So, the nap […]


When I was teaching, I started getting really tired in early May. Mentally, I knew that there was still two more months of classes, a spring concert, Track and Field […]

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