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I’ve spent some time with a few women this past week whose pasts continue to plague them. “I’ll never change. I feel hopeless.” “I’m giving my best but nothing changes […]

Chatting About Cheating

Everybody’s talking about Lance Armstrong these days. I’ve had a couple of conversations with my neighbours, overheard some customers in the grocery store ranting about the ethics of  a“win at […]

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You’re Not Special

Here’s a new one in the annals of commencement speakers. David McCullough Jr., an English teacher at Wellesley High School in Massachusetts,  recently gave his address to the Class of […]

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The Seared Conscience

During the four weeks leading up to Christmas, an estimated 1.84 Billion (US) in  merchandise wil have been shoplifted this year, according to The Global Retail Theft Barometer, a survey […]


Once I completed my first crocheted blanket for Danae,  I was good to go… queen of the crochet world… cool as a cucumber. I was convinced that the second masterpiece […]

Slow Fade

I was driving home this afternoon and heard this  powerful song on the radio.  It pierced my heart with such sadness.  It depicts a tragedy that happens all around us.  […]

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Impermeable People

I taught Grade 8 Science for ten years and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I loved the challenge of bringing science ideas to life by getting students involved in […]

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