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UNBELIEVABLE Now THIS is worth a blog post! Our septic tank continues to give us problems. So, the pumping service came this morning, blocked the road and started emptying our […]


The chief pang of most trials is not so much the actual suffering itself as our own spirit of resistance to it. Jean Nicolas Grau Ouch. That hurts. It always […]

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I want to write about our Saturday OVERFLOW meeting because we had a fantastic time! But I have something else on my heart this morning, so bear with me.  I’ll […]

The Roast

Two thousand kilometers after my broken collar bone,  I was coasting down a long hill on a brisk October afternoon.  It was the last stretch of a good ride.  I […]

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Picket Fences

When Jesus was born and during the years that he “grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men,” his mother Mary quietly watched, “treasured up all […]

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Life is difficult

I spent a wonderful morning with a dear friend whom I met a couple of years ago at Deaf Camp –  that’s when a group of hearing people come together, […]


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