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One Year Of Blogging

Today marks my 365th blog post – one year’s worth! WordPress sent me a “Congratulations” message and it got me thinking about what I’ve been doing all year and how I […]

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In Praise Of Handwritten Notes

Ah, nostalgia…these quaint little sticky squares were all the rage before email took over. In an age of email and texting, is the writing on the wall for letter writing? […]


Rainy Mondays

My husband, Chris says that rainy Mondays are for late afternoon naps.  I think they’re for homemade chili with fresh garden tomatoes and hidden pieces of tofu.  So, the nap […]

The Dilemma

May I just vent for a moment?  Writing is hard work! Perhaps I should reword that statement…REwriting is hard work. Actually, if I really want to be honest and articulate […]


When I was teaching, I started getting really tired in early May. Mentally, I knew that there was still two more months of classes, a spring concert, Track and Field […]


I don’t personally know many published authors so the writing journey is very foreign and often very isolating. I’ve read many books about the writing process and paid particular attention to […]

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The Perfect Place

Chris bought me a stained glass window a few years ago.  I loved the old, splintered wood frame and the simple shapes and colors of the flowers. Every time I […]


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