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Taking the Time

(featured image from Garden of Bright Images)

I slowed down to enjoy.

A tutoring student of mine forgot some items at her grandmother’s house so I volunteered to pick them up yesterday. I headed to grandma’s (Judy) house about 20 minutes earlier than planned and I recognized Judy as she sauntered home after her early shift at work. I pulled to the side of the road and offered Judy a ride. She gladly accepted and climbed into my car.

Judy: Thanks so much for the ride. 

Diane: For a moment, I was wondering if something was wrong – 

Judy: Oh, no – just the opposite. Everything was right. It’s such a beautiful day and I was just taking it all in. 

Diane: Well, I saw that you were smiling. 

Judy: Oh yes, I was smiling. So much to enjoy this morning. 

Diane: Well, I thoroughly enjoyed watching you enjoy your walk. 

What a gift to us when we choose to walk slowly, turn 360° and notice all the small wonders that surround us every minute of the day.

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