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Thanksgiving and Wonder

It’s a rainy, dark-skied day today.

I spent some time this morning with a dear friend, water walking in the rain. After all, what’s a little rain when you’re in the lake? It was such a beautiful time together. My friend is deaf so there we were, signing away as we bounced up and down in the waves and laughed at each other’s stories.

At one point, we both laid on our backs, lifted our faces to the skies and basked in the Holy Spirit’s presence raining down on us. Words can not express the beauty of that moment – definitely a highlight of the summer for me.

After some chicken pot pie and salad, my friend went home and I headed to my “office” (a couch piled with pillows and a long coffee table stacked with books, journals, pens and highlighters.) I had some quiet time before another friend came over to enjoy a cup of chai tea with me and I thought back on a statement that someone shared with me last night.

“I am regaining the lost art of being forgotten as God becomes more glorified.”

Incredible words to ponder.

As I was reminded a couple of weeks ago, the journey IS the destination and there comes a point in our journey that it’s not about us — it’s all about Him. Intimacy with Christ. Glorifying Jesus. He must become greater; I must become less.

I have become astutely aware that the next season of my life is one of integration.  God is weaving the strands of my life together and as I was reminded last night, “on that day, you will know that God does nothing without cause.” (Ezekiel 14.23)

I’m just overwhelmed with thanksgiving and wonder today.

What’s next, Lord?

Thank you, God for everything




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