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The Big Effect of Small Choices

Imagine a vast ship making a long passage across the ocean. The ship can’t turn very quickly but it doesn’t need to. Just a tiny shift in direction leads to a very different destination. The choice to shift direction by a small amount is sustained over many miles of travel. Even then smallest change adds up to something significant when it’s maintained over the long term.           “Calm” app.

So very true – with those big ships and our big lives.

Recognizing that we have a choice in small matters, we can begin to steer our life in a direction we desire to go, one choice at a time – whether it be losing weight or keeping to a daily reading schedule, studying for exams or even finishing Christmas shopping before 6:00 on Christmas Eve! Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Yet every day, we’re bombarded with stresses and demands that can sidetrack us in a nanosecond. It’s so easy to justify a poor decision “just this once” . . . and then twice and then three times – and the pattern is set.

Accumulated small but wise choices can add up to a significant change in our lives. When we start with the end in mind, the small decisions are seen as steps along the way, building towards something bigger and better.

Think big but start small. Enjoy smallness. Stay humble. Trust Jesus and in due time, He will exalt you. (1 Peter 5.6)





Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you. John. C. Maxwell

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