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The Day After the Election

I posted this on FB early this morning.


. . . and then I changed my mind. 🙂

I still believe that “many things don’t require my comment” and I rarely speak of politics but as this day has unfolded, I have felt such a sadness.

I didn’t stay up until 3:00 am. this morning to watch the final results of the election.

Nor did I sleep poorly last night.

It’s not that I don’t care. I admit that following American politics is not a priority for me but I am very concerned with what is happening in this world. I watch the news. I periodically converse about politics with my husband, who knows much more than I do and has a stronger political opinion. I watched the election for four hours last night, two hours this morning and tuned in for Hillary Clinton’s speech this early afternoon. I learned a great deal more about the States, the Electoral College, political predictions and how Canada will be affected by the results of this election.

And I pray.

As an naive outsider watching the political future of America unfold, I feel such concern with the lack of integrity in both candidates. A prominent question on the news this morning was, “How will parents explain this to their children this morning?” Interesting, isn’t it?  This has not been the primary concern of the “day after” ramifications of past election results.

Horrendous allocations unfolded with hostility. Daily name-calling and arrogance entertained the world. The important issues got lost in all the drama and adults carried themselves with pompous postures and haughtiness.

So, what ARE parents saying to their children this morning? How do they explain the foolishness and dysfunction? And how do they justify the same self-promoting, unkind and dishonest behaviours that their children are scolded and disciplined for?

I didn’t hear any answers today. At least, not on prime time TV.

And that’s an on-going problem.

We live in a sinful, broken, pride-filled, power-hungry, self-promoting world.

We so desperately need the love, peace, power, hope and healing of Jesus to infiltrate every heart.

Simple as it sounds, that’s where it starts.

Wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it. Proverbs 8.11


  1. Many of us were shocked, Diane, and still are. I think the media is complicit in normalizing terrible behaviours — CNN got richer every time Trump said something disrespectful, sexist, unChristian.

    You nailed it: “And how do they justify the same self-promoting, unkind and dishonest behaviours that their children are scolded and disciplined for?” We were raised to know those behaviours were wrong and we raised our children to know that too.

    I got over my shock and redevoted myself to my own sphere of influence. I try to do the best I can in my small world, and I have little talks with God, wherein I wonder if this terrible election took place to prevent something worse from happening later on.

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks for your good words. How wise to “do the best I can in my small world”. Love that perspective.

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