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The Day at the Dock by Phoenix Slobodian

Hi everybody! It’s Phoenix and I’ve decided to blog about another summer day at Papak and Nana’s house.

I’m slurping a frozen lemonade as I write.

My favourite time of the day was when I got to see Papak and Nana. I love when we group hug.

Papak took me and Keira and Maddie to the laundry mat and once all the clothes were in the washing machine, we all went for birthday cake ice-cream, which was awesome.  When we got home, mom and Nana made us a big picnic lunch, we all jumped into the boat and Papak drove us to the other side of Thorah Island. He threw the anchor in the water and we all jumped out of the boat to swim. It was a really hot day so it sure felt great.

Ready, aim, FIRE as I blew water out of the noodles. I was trying to hit Papak in the face.

noodle fun


After swimming, we ate our lunch in the boat and then we came back home. By that time, my friend, Kelvin had come to play and we all decided to go minnow catching off the end of the dock.  We actually caught three perch and a rock bass, which really surprised me. We also caught a small white fish. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any muskie. It’s amazing what we can catch at the end of this dock. We were out on the dock for a long time and we used hotdog buns for bait.

minnow catching

Here I am, holding the small white fish that we caught. I think Kiera and Maddie really enjoyed the minnow catching. It was their first time. At first, they were afraid to catch the fish, especially when I told them that the scales on the rock bass could cut them but after a little time, they were fine. We had so much fun but Maddie thought the fish felt slimy. 

summer fun


Nana gave us a watermelon break after we had played a very hot badminton game. We didn’t have a net, which reminds me that Nana and Papak pulled out the big, fat hedge on one side of the front lawn so now Kelvin and I can’t use it for a soccer net. We’ll have to come up with another idea.

watermelon break

Mom asked Papak to help her make a lemonade stand but really, Papak made the whole thing. I helped him measure and I helped him stabilize the wood when he was cutting. I’m always impressed whenever Papak mades stuff with his hands but he also made Nana a big swing by the water and I think that’s really cook too because Nana loves sitting there with her chai tea. I think Papak really likes figuring out how to make stuff and then he putters around all day and slowly builds neat stuff.

lemonade stand made by Chris


Here’s the final result – a handmade lemonade stand. All we have to do is get it home and paint it.

finished lemonade stand

The next day, we painted the lemonade stand and the garbage man stopped by. The truck was really smelly but the garbage man was really nice and he bought a lemonade. Two policemen stopped by and tipped us too. What was REALLY neat was that a firetruck stopped and bought four lemonades and then the firemen let us in the back of the truck to see all their stuff. It was so cool. So many people stopped by and drank our lemonade. We made $90.00 and we split the money three ways, even though Kiera and I did all the selling. Maddie just sat and watched us.

I love summer!

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