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The Expression of Pain and the Love of Others

“Pain changes people. It makes them trust less. Overthink more. And shut people out.” @selfamused

Excellent observation.

Whether it be physical, mental, social or spiritual, pain changes the countenance of a person for a time, doesn’t it?

I know when I am in emotional pain, it’s not natural for me to reach out to others. No matter how many people tell me otherwise, no matter how much I intellectually understand the health of getting the pain, “up and out,” and no matter how confidently I encourage others to be vulnerable with their pain, it is difficult to expose my rawness to others.               .

Things were different when I was younger – I knew when I needed an outside perspective,  I would share my feelings and in most cases, I was able to move forward. But these days, my natural instinct is to move away from people, find a quiet place and process with my Bible and my journal on my lap.

And that’s not all bad . . . for a time . . . but I know I need others. I’m no island. It may take a bit of time but as I process externally with safe people, there is always comfort, perspective, hope and love given.

I’m so thankful for the people around me who genuinely care and ask me how I’m doing.

I need to be reminded of truth.

I need to be hugged.

And I need to be loved.

This is how we were created. This is what it means to be human.

Carry each other’s burdens and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.        Galatians 6.2





  1. Kathy

    Sending you big hugs. …..xo I know how you feel….

  2. I hear you.
    Sending a warm hug to you.

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