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Chris and I had such a slow, relaxing day yesterday.

We went for a wonderful bike ride in the afternoon, stopped at the pier, lay on the rocks and watched the clouds moving across the sky. Our wonderful neighbours had us over for dinner and we enjoyed an evening of laughter together.

We also celebrated solving the case of the missing running shoes. Let me explain.

On Friday evening, as I was picking Chris up at the airport, I suddenly got hit with a sick feeling. I remembered that in the midst of multitasking and packing up earlier that afternoon for an overnight stay at a friend’s, I had absentmindedly left my running shoes on the top of the car and driven off. (Of course, the memories of various items left on the top of cars in the past, including two mouth retainers, a science project, a birthday present and numerous travelling mugs came flooding back) The running shoes were old but comfortable.The worst part of it all was that the custom made orthotics inside the shoes were VERY expensive and it certainly wasn’t in our budget to replace them. I was really frustrated…

…so I prayed and went to bed – there was nothing else that I could do because I was seventy five kilometers away from home that night.

The next morning, Chris and our next door neighbour started searching for my shoes – just what these men wanted to do with their beautiful and sunny Saturday. About an hour into the search, my neighbour found one of the shoes on the side of the road, about two kilometers away from our house. Chris texted me the good news, I was elated and continued to pray as I helped a friend de-clutter and pack up her house. Chris then proceeded to drive around town the rest of the morning, looking for the partner shoe, without success.

It wasn’t until late that afternoon, when Chris decided to do one more desperate sweep of the two way highway, that he spotted the second shoe nestled in the ditch, about five kilometers away from our house.

Two shoes, orthotics in tact. I was a very happy woman, delighted neighbour and thankful wife.

What have you left on the top of your car? Come on…’fess up!

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