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The K-Mart Trilogies

Once I made the decision to get the creative juices flowing again, there was no stopping me.

First,  it was crocheting and although it was a slow start,  I am happy to report that I am well into making a huge blanket for Danae, fingers moving at an impressive speed.  Next came the decision to begin creating a montage of old and new family pictures for the bare wall in our office.  This meant that I needed to sift through all twenty labors-of-love baby books, created when I was a young stay-at-home mom.  

I had a marvelous time, sitting in the living room with my chai tea, flipping through scrapbook pages and reliving so many precious moments.  I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.  So many good times…

…like the three years when our family moved to Bratislava, Slovakia and were involved in full time missions.  Now THAT was a true adventure!  Our family of five lived in an apartment, half the size of a typical elementary school classroom and soon after we settled into our Slovak neighbourhood, we became the proud owners of a flea-infested puppy that we  smuggled over the Croatian border.  Every experience was a first time experience, as we all had to learn the Slovak language, the three children attended a Slovak school, I had to master cooking in an oven that had an ever- increasing temperature and we all had to figure out how to live in a country that was recovering from Communism.  We learned to laugh at all the inconveniences and the absurdity of adjusting to a completely new and different culture. It was a phenomenal experience for all of us – something that we will never forget.

When I was looking through the scrapbook, I saw a picture of the Tesco (European K-Mart) store in downtown Bratislava and I broke into laughter.

I have to tell you – EVERY time I went to that store, something BIG happened to me.  This wasn’t just any old store – it was an adventure.  If I didn’t find myself smack in the middle of a bomb scare, then I was being held up by a band of gypsies.  Of course, there was the time that I saved a man’s life when he dropped dead in the parking lot and the non-forgettable, traumatic experience of being chained to a radiator and a murderer in a Slovak jail.  Yes… the stories are numerous and humorous.

So, allow me to share THE K-MART TRILOGY OF ADVENTURES in the next few blogs.

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  1. Kathy

    This needs to be more than a trilogy. It sounds as good as “Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town” ….the observations are poignant!

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