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The “Man Cold” Is Real

Chris has been feeling progressively sicker for the past couple of days. He’s been adjusting to the time change since his trip to Ireland, coupled with a sore throat and achy joints. I do believe that Chris might be getting sick, but….well… if you’re a woman reading this blog, you know what I mean when I comment about “how men are when they get sick.” Honestly, it never ceases to amaze me – it’s rather pathetic to watch grown men become little boys who need to be doted on.

Anyways, Chris was looking forward to a four day canoe trip with the guys but he communicated, more than once, that he was a bit concerned about paddling and portaging in rainy weather if he had a cold. I agreed – being on a camping trip is about the last place I would want to be if I was sick –  so I empathized with Chris.

The night before he left, he was in bed, asking me to go downstairs and get some medication and water for him, he was taking Oil of Oregano and generally wanting some attention.  At one point, he jokingly insinuated that I wasn’t caring enough (but we all know that there is always a nugget of truth in people’s humor, right?)

The next morning, I was trying to support him in his decision-making process about whether to go on the camping trip or stay home.  At this point, I was accused of coddling him too much.

I can’t win. One minute, I’m caring too little and the next minute, I’m caring too much.

What is it with you men, when you get sick?

Women, you will get a real snicker from this video. Enjoy!


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  1. Karen Perrott

    LOL – loved the video

  2. Kathy taylor

    Too funny and true!!

  3. Suzanne

    Due to my deafness, I didn’t understand this but I got an idea. However, I d like to share my comment. Whenever my family get sick, I take care of them and so on and when I am sick, I still take care of them and myself! I remember that my mom’s senior friend in her eightie told us that when she was young, she was so sick with bad flu. She had young five kids and her husband didn’t help her. She still had to take care of her little ones! We ladies are tough!

    • Next time we get together, I’ll explain the video to you – I know you’ll find it funny…and yes, you did indeed get the idea! Diane

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