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The Older Woman’s Beauty

My friend phoned me yesterday and told me that she had just gotten off the phone with her precious 92 year old aunt. Linda was so thrilled with the conversation and as she told me all about it, I couldn’t help but get swept away into a world of nostalgia.  Linda is a story teller and she loves the details of American life “way back when.” She told me about Aunt Kathryn, a “beautiful young woman in the 1930’s with dark, wavy hair and porcelain skin….a refined southern belle, kind and gracious.” For those few minutes on the phone, I was mesmerized with all the fascinating information that Linda shared with me.

I appreciated the life lessons that Linda was reminded of as she “sat at the feet” of such a wise woman who had lived and loved well. I asked Linda to write about it so that I could share her thoughts on the blog. These are Linda’s words:

“Throughout our conversation, I gleaned several things.  First of all, life IS too short!  Be thankful for each day.  Be kind to people. Be ready to learn.  Disappointments will happen, trust God.  Make your mark on this world, do what is in your heart, don’t give up.  Live your life to glorify God and don’t be afraid to go against what society says.  Offer encouragment to others.  Make our older family members proud by doing what is right and living what is right. Forgive. Live life to the fullest. Keep in touch with our elderly family members – they like to know what’s going on in our lives.  They brag about us.
At the end of our conversation Aunt Kathryn said:  “Well Linda, I am at the end of my life, but you are still young so keep doing what you’re doing.”  We said our goodbyes and when I got off the phone I felt very emotional.”
Linda was so moved and so blessed. The older women in her life continue to hand down rich legacies and precious nuggets of wisdom that are unattainable without living a long and God – honoring life.
There is true beauty in an older woman.
What you do when you don’t have to determines what you will be when you can no longer help it. 
Rudyard Kipling

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  1. Kathy taylor

    What a beautiful legacy for Linda’s aunt to leave. I’m forwarding this link to friends. Truly worthwhile!!

    • Danielle

      I absolutely agree.. fantastic words of encouragement. Thank you for sharing!

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