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The Power Of A Prayer andThe Confidence Of a Pray-Er

The last couple of days, we’ve experienced white-capping, rock-smashing, dock-destroying waves on our waterfront.

big waves

When I look out my back window, I am reminded of a song that often moves my spirit.


Ruin Me by Aaron Wardle


Take me down deeper than I’ve been

‘Cause I’ve been watching from the surface

Love’s an ocean, won’t You teach me how to swim?

‘Cause I’m so tired of living in the shallows

In the shallows



You are reckless, You are wild,

That’s exactly what I mean

Won’t You come like a tidal wave

And ruin me

Come and ruin me.


I may drench and I may drown

Don’t stop when I say when,

Fill me up past overflow

‘Cause I’m so tired of feeling like I’m hollow

Like I’m hollow. 


I can feel the water rising

I can feel the water rising

I’m diving in…


What courageous prayers —“Won’t You come like a tidal wave” and “Fill me up past overflow” and “Come and ruin me?”

Relentless waves. They just keep coming. This is the third day that the waves pound our shoreline.

But to pray with great boldness and expectation for this kind of power in our lives?

This is what a loving God does. This is what a good God gives because as Max Lucado writes, “He loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way.” 

His hand is sure.

“I can feel the water rising, I’m divin’ in…”


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