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The Power Of Prayer

It’s 9:00 pm and I’m exhausted.

The last two days, I’ve been hangin’ with my daughter, helping her prepare for a big Massage Therapy practical exam.  Most of yesterday was spent in pajamas, curled up on the couch and talking about interviewing, treatment plans, consent, protocol, differential assessments and muscle origins, actions and insertions. By 8:00 pm, I was so tired, I couldn’t see straight or pronounce words that were comprised of more than one syllable. Today, Danae and I got an early start and headed downtown Toronto, after dropping off Danae’s “helicopter-sounding” car at a wonderful friend-mechanic’s  house, a stop at the drugstore for tattoo cover-up makeup, another stop at a friend’s house to deliver three dozen gluten free buns and a quick trip to IKEA to look at bed sheets and wardrobes.

Exam time was 2:40 pm. and after a little pep talk and a big hug, Danae disappeared into the building.

I had emailed a number of faithful friends and asked them to specifically pray for Danae during her exam – for clarity of thought, retention of information, enthusiasm, logical articulation and confidence. I knew that Danae’s exam was divided into seven stations, each lasting ten minutes long and I decided that I would pray her through the entire 1.5 hours of evaluation.

I parked on a side street and began to pray.

It was an amazing experience…and I felt the Holy Spirit prod me with specific issues at each of the seven stations. I used words that I had never said before and sensed His presence and His comfort throughout the ninety minutes. I knew that Danae was being strongly upheld by the prayers of my friends as well. I was so moved that I scribbled down the specific prayers as I spoke out. The prayers were simple but very clear.

3:00 – that Danae would start strong and not be overtaken with nerves.

3:12 – clarity in her thinking, slow down, speak slowly.

3:24 – that the examiner would show grace and be gentle.

3:36 – Danae was half way through – she needed to refocus and be inwardly strengthened.

3:48 – increased confidence, “Holy-Spirit buoyancy” (those are the words that came to me and I’ve never thought or said those words in my life) , that Danae would feel successful.

4:00 – stay with it because this was a more difficult station, that Danae would be surprised with what comes out of her and that she would excel because she perseveres

4:12 – that Danae would finish strong and have a healthy perspective on the experience.

I have never experienced such Holy Spirit – directed prayer in my life.

Danae jumped into the car at 4:30 pm and broke into tears of relief. I told her that I had been praying diligently for her throughout the entire exam. Now she waits for the results of her exam to be emailed to her sometime in the next couple of weeks.

I am so thankful that we have access to the power of the Holy Spirit.

No learning can make up for the failure to pray. No earnestness, no diligence, no study, no gifts will supply its lack.   E.M. Bounds

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  1. Debbie

    Amen – simply …. Amen. I believe.

  2. Kathy taylor

    Praying that the examiner, as he/she reviews her notes will be reminded of Danae’s knowledge, confidence, abilities, listening ears, and her sweet nature- all qualities that I look for in a massage therapist. May Danae feel God’s presence as she waits for the results. Blessings to you both!

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