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The Roast

Two thousand kilometers after my broken collar bone,  I was coasting down a long hill on a brisk October afternoon.  It was the last stretch of a good ride.  I could see a patch of gravel on the pavement ahead of me and I proactively veered to the left, so as to avoid slipping on the stones.  The only explanation I can offer for landing on the road is that I must have just clipped the corner of that pile of stones and down I tumbled.   It was quite an embarrassing moment because a group of teenage golfers at the nearby driving range were all gawking at me.  Once again, my accident stopped the traffic for a short time and there was great hustle and bustle around me.

As I untangled myself from my bike, I assured everyone that I was alive and well.  When I stood up, my thigh was definitely throbbing but I was wearing stretch tights so I couldn’t check out the source of the pain. My front wheel was quite bent and unusable so I proceeded to walk down the road with my bike on my shoulder, trying to figure out my next move.  By this point, my left leg was both throbbing and stinging. I was getting a bit concerned about what injury lurked beneath those spandex tights!

I made my way to a friend’s house, explained the predicament that I found myself in and asked if I could use the washroom.  This is what I found – my husband affectionately nicknamed it “The Roast”.  (Take note of the attractive cyclist tan line above the knee.)

the roast

Life is full of bumps and bruises – physical and non-physical – no one escapes the inevitable pain of living in this fallen world.   It hurts, it throbs and it stings.

It takes time and resilience to heal.  God is the Source of both.

Romans 5:3-5

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  1. Emily

    I cringed just looking at the picture. It must have been incredibly painful!

  2. Danae

    I was wondering when you were going to tell this story. I knew it was coming!!!

    • Well, how could I tell cycling stories without including this infamous one? Huh?

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