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(sermon by Konnie Vissers)

Leadership isn’t easy. 

Leaders’ decisions disproportionately affect others. 

The evil one knows this – Hit the leader, hit many.

Paul is explaining to Timothy that he has watched Hymenaeus and Alexander wander off and lead others astray.

How do you be a good leader?  “Have faith and a good conscience.” (vs. 19)

Spurgeon once said, “Faith is clinging to Christ.”

Konnie used the example of zebra mussels that cling so hard to rocks that you have to break the rock to get the mussels off. Great example of the verb, “to cling.” 

We were reminded of the importance of a solid prayer life. Brother Lawrence worked in a monastery kitchen and scrubbed dishes but he is quoted to have said, “I possess God – in all activities.” Whether he was on his knees taking communion or scrubbing pots, he was with God.  Martin Luther was given as another wonderful example of a prayer warrior who once said, “I have so much to do today, if I don’t spend three hours in prayer, I won’t get everything done.”

And what does it mean to have a good conscience?   It means having discernment – allowing the Spirit of God to guide you in every move. Being in tune with the Spirit allows God to craft every step of your life. God uses leaders with discernment.

Leadership isn’t easy but it’s very rewarding.  Leadership in ministry calls you beyond the boundaries of self. You quickly realize that you can’t get very far by yourself. You need God. You need faith. You need to pray. You strive to have a good conscience. Whether you are a young leader or a seasoned leader, root yourself in faith by prayer. Ask God to work through you daily.

Don’t hastily seek leadership – it isn’t easy.  Root yourself in Christ and He will direct your path.


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