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(sermon by Andrew Allison)

One of our pastor’s chores when he was growing up was Wednesday night dish-washing duty. His mother had placed a plaque near the kitchen sink with two birds conversing with each other and Andrew clearly remembers what was written on that plaque:

Said the robin to the sparrow, “Friend, I should really like to know

why these anxious human beings rush about and worry so.

Said the sparrow to the robin, “Friend, I think that it must be

that they have no heavenly Father such as cares for you and me.”

Apparently, these little feathery creatures tuned into something that we forget.

When the belief that God cares for and loves you is deeply rooted in your soul, you pray. This is what Paul was teaching Timothy – Job #1 is to pray. Prayer isn’t just a thing you do – it’s THE essential relationship.

Pray all kinds of prayers:

petitions – things you want to see happen

prayers – bearing your heart

intercession  – praying on behalf of another person

thanksgiving – gratitude

When you pray, be as honest as you can be. Find the simplest words and brings the things of your heart to the One who loves you the most. 

We are saved out of anxious and loud lives and invited into the hope of the Gospel, which is a peaceful and quiet life.

When we were put on this earth, we were given a purpose – a calling on our life. We were to be image bearers of the most high God. As image bearers, we were supposed to stand between God and creation as mediators, making sense of the one to the other, reminding them of His great love and communicating this designed wonder back to the living God. This was meant to be deeply satisfying – God actually put us on this planet because He thought we would enjoy it.

That all failed. We lost our calling. 

God shifted strategies but that failed as well. Israel lost its calling.

What if there was one person to mediate between God and human beings? But not one of us could do that job. We lost our calling.  

So, God came Himself – A man, but fully God and He bore the image for us and to us.

Why did He need to die?

Satan’s intention is to singularly destroy human beings by discouraging, depressing, diminishing,discarding and dividing us – until we just want to die. 

Death needed to be beat at its own game and that’s what Jesus did by dying and rising to new life.

Because of Jesus’ death, we can now live up to our calling again to be image bearers, to mediate between God and others. 

When we step into this calling and pray, there is freedom – freedom to name out the thoughts, intentions and acts of the heart that are not good, freedom to call in others to pray for you and freedom to see the world differently.

Pray with lifted and open hands, with expectation. Let Him hear what’s on your heart.













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