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(sermon by Andrew Allison)

In Roman days, character didn’t matter much – it was all about getting things done so when Jesus came along, big change was ushered in.

Who you were became more important than who you were impressing. 

A leader must be:

Above reproach – this word is not synonymous with “perfect.”  What it does mean is that there are “no skeletons in the closet.” All our junk has been confessed, out in the open and forgiven.

Faithful to one wife – emotionally, sexually, financially and spiritually faithful to one woman. We marry because we believe that this marriage will lead us to Jesus.

Temperate – even keeled, steady, settled

Self controlled – being in charge of self, being sensible, balanced

Respectable – worthy of respect. In Greek, the word is “cosimos”, meaning “orderly”. When God created the earth, He called it into order – the cosmos. When the earth is in order, the cosmos is beautiful. When our lives are in order, there is “cosimos” – there is order and beauty.

Hospitable – receptive, safe for people, welcoming

Able to teach – don’t settle for kindergarten faith

Not given to drunkenness – self explanatory. Have fun and be sober. Less people hurt.

Not violent but gentle – Romans would see gentleness as weakness but Jesus, our leader was always gentle.

Not quarrelsome – we are about peace.

Not a lover of money –

Must manage his own family well –

Not a recent convert – be careful that you don’t put people in leadership too early

Good reputation with outsiders –

The world respects all of these character qualities. The strategy of God is that Christian believers would understand the freedom of living in Christ and that their lives would be attractive to outsiders. 

This kind of inner peace can not be found anywhere else but in Jesus.


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