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(sermon by Andrew Allison)

God cares about how each family feels.

God cares about how his church feels – the church of the living God.

Jesus sets the tone for the church and Paul knew this as he was talking with Timothy. As Christians and especially as leaders, we are to be:

1.worthy of respect (vs.8)

We carry in us the value and the worth and the honour that God always intended for every human being. Your life invites respect by treating others with respect – holding a door, learning a name, speaking kindly, looking and listening well, not pointing out faults etc.

Jesus had this ridiculous pattern of calling value out of people that culture and religious people had made to feel less then they were. He re-instated value, worth and honour in people, worthy of respect. 

2. not indulging in much wine (vs8)

Our culture tells us, “make sure you have a plan so you don’t drink and drive” but we need to understand the implications of this statement. Basically, the underlying message is,  “You have the right to get drunk – just don’t hurt others when you do.” As Christians, we have been set free. We no longer want the right to get drunk anymore. We have no need to escape reality. Jesus rescued us to engage, not escape. We need to go to the true source of being settled – Jesus.

3. not pursuing dishonest gain (vs.8)

This is about how you make your money – is that happening honestly? Are you cheating? Stealing? Taking advantage of others? Don’t make your money by polluting the earth or degrading people. Choose careers that affirm human value and will take care of the planet.

4. hold on to the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience (vs. 9)

Jesus is the complete fulfillment of everything God promised. This truth is deep because Jesus went the whole way – nothing in Him is under the control of evil. Do you believe this? Does your life line up with what you say and do?

When you believe that life is a gift, you realize it’s not about gain. 

5. not malicious talkers (vs.11)

The word, “malicious” means to “tear down.” What’s coming out of your mouth?

6. temperate  (vs.11)

All of your life is in balance – eating, exercise, work, play etc.

7. trustworthy in everything (vs.11)

Stuff gets done. You do your job well. You guard peoples’ confidences. People feel safe in your presence.

Remember, Jesus is the One who sets the pace.

8. husband of one wife. (vs.12)

Love your wife like Christ loves the church.

Figure out how to lay your life down for another. 

9. must manage his children and his household well.

People feel cared for.

The mystery of godliness (vs16)  – godliness is the way God intended life to be lived. So, the question is, “Who sets the tone for you? The godly life doesn’t happen because you try harder. The Christian hope is that Christ lives in you. The hope of glory is Christ in you.

We believe:

  1. Jesus is God Himself. He appeared in a body and came down to earth.
  2. Jesus was vindicated by the Spirit and seen by the angels. There were angels at His birth, angels at the announcement of His conception and at His resurrection. There is supernatural power involved.
  3. Jesus was preached among the nations and was believed on in the world. Jesus makes sense to real people. There is real love, real hope, real truth and real forgiveness. 
  4. Jesus was taken up in glory. Jesus did not die again. He ascended into heaven – still alive and human. Early believers knew that He had left in glory and He was coming back in greater glory.   Our greatest hope is that He is coming back again. 

Give your life to Jesus. Let Him set the tone. Stay close to the One who matters most.




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