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The Take Home From Mark 10: 13-16

Yesterday morning, our pastor reminded our congregation of the bizarre last-minute envelope flub in this year’s Academy Awards. Faye Dunaway had announced the odds-on favourite, La La Land, as best picture but midway through the speeches, it was revealed that Moonlight was in fact the winner.

Big oops.

People were already celebrating up on stage, the award was in their hands . . . but it was taken away.

“Missed it by that much.”

(When the pastor used those words, I was instantly taken back to a favourite sitcom that I loved to watch when I was younger. Remember the show, Get Smart? I believe that’s where that saying originated.)

Anyways, enough TV. Back to the sermon.

In this passage, people were bringing little children to Jesus but the disciples rebuked them for doing so. In their minds, Jesus had bigger, more important things to do but Jesus was indignant about their behaviour. The disciples were so close to Jesus yet they missed His grander plans for the sake of their little plans. They “missed it by that much.”

In God’s kingdom, children were elevated. In fact, “the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. (vs.14) Jesus understood a child’s capacity for unencumbered trust.

I like that term – unencumbered trust.

Our pastor explained that we have been created to live lives that don’t “miss it by that much.” We can run fully into Jesus’ arms and He blesses us. We can accept the love of Jesus like a child does – simply, fully, safely, unconditionally –“as we surrender to God’s narrative for our lives.”  Grant Vissers

Sounds really good to me.

The congregation was asked to think about these two questions:

Are these areas of your life where you’re acting in a way that prevents others from encountering Jesus?

Are there areas of your life to which Jesus would respond with indignation?

This week, I’m going to be thinking about the idea of “unencumbered trust” because I don’t want to “miss it by that much.” 

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