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The Take Home from Mark 13. 32-37

Jesus’ weakness helped the disciples be disciples because they had to stay alert and be on their guard in their generation. 

Earlier in the chapter, Jesus told His disciples as much as He knew about their question to Him (“When will these things happen?”) but as a human, He was submitted to weakness.

“I don’t know. Only the Father knows when the Son is coming.”  This is Jesus speaking.

As Christians, we all live with this “not yet, not sure when” mentality. We all have limits – financial, physical, emotional, woundedness, season of life. 

Nobody knows.

We need to humbly acknowledge what we don’t know. We also need to confidently know what we DO know. Biblical truth IS truth and Jesus tells us how to live – “Watch. Stand firm. Pray. Be on guard.”

One day at a time. One present moment followed by another present moment. THIS is the way to live.

Our pastor reminded us that the greatest thing that ever happened to mankind happened out of extreme weakness and limits.  Jesus’ death looked like failure but out of His great weakness came abundant life to all.

So, we watch together.

In our weakness. In our unknowingness.

Out of our control, dependence on Him existence.







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