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(SERMON BY ANDREW ALLISON – Sunday, November 5.2017)

Micah is one of those books in the Bible that doesn’t read easily but know that Christ is behind it all.

Micah was a prophet who rose up at God’s calling. (vs.1) Of course, Micah didn’t know about Jesus but he did know that his people were waiting for some kind of arrival. God showed Micah that his people weren’t living as a nation for God. They had potential for a peace-filled life but at that time, they were a Godless, hopeless nation living unjustly. God was going to break in and make everything right and through Micah, God gave the people a warning.

We were designed to live in primary justice – God’s rule. Fair life. People aren’t discarded. You can trust each other. People are well loved and well purposed. This is very different than reactive justice which happens when something isn’t right and justice merely responds and restores. 

The point of this book is that God cares how we live. 

The people of Israel were just living like people around them – for themselves and ignoring everything else. God calls this injustice because the God of the Bible cares for all. In every nation, leadership serves their own purpose but in God’s world, the fatherless, the orphans, the widows and the poor are loved.

These people matter because they matter to God. 

Something isn’t right in Samaria and Jerusalem. (vs.7) Sounds like there are problems with worship and perhaps with sexual issues. However in verse 7, prostitution is the image that God uses when His people are unfaithful to Him. 

Micah’s people, as prophesied, did indeed go into exile and then in time, returned. They suffered for their sin (reactive justice) but primary justice is God’s way.

Justice is served once and for all in Jesus. There is no judgment left. Now we get to live in peace. We don’t need to live unjustly. Real grace comes out of us when we live lives of justice. Be open to God’s voice that calls us to live differently, intentionally and radically.

Stay open.





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