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There’s no place like our neighbourhood

We have wonderful neighbours.  From the day that Chris and I moved to Lake Simcoe, we have been blessed with “That’s what neighbours are for!” kindness.  I think they all know who “elfed” them (see December 1st post) and they still talk to me! Our neighbours have put out our garbage for a year, plowed our driveway, brought us top soil,  mowed our lawns, given us vegetables from their gardens, repaired potholes, baked us pie, planted parts of our garden, helped us put in our dock, come to our parties, lent us toboggans and tools and carpenter glue and pans, celebrated birthdays with us,  played with our grandson, dug holes, watched over our home and taught us the ways of living on the water. Of course, there’s also the community tobogganing hill on one of our neighbour’s property and he graciously allows snowmobiles and sleds to freely roam.

The very best part of living in this neighbourhood is that everyone takes time to talk. It doesn’t matter what season of the year or what time of the day – people stop what they’re doing and spend time with each other.  In the summer, there have been many times that I have merely taken out the garbage but returned an hour later because I have gotten into a conversation with someone who’s walking their dog or taking a stroll down the road.  In the winter, it’s not unusual to see people bundled up in warm clothes, catching up on family news with neighbours who live down the road. People are not in a hurry here. This is a big change from living in the city and I love it.

Werner and Erna (or as my grandson calls them, “Vurna and Vurna”) are an older couple who live at the end of our road. I have tea with them once a week and we have a wonderful time together.  They are fascinating people with beautiful stories and generous spirits.   Erna is teaching me about gardening and I’m looking forward to playing in the dirt next spring when we plant flowers, vegetables and herbs together.  I appreciate her wisdom, her experiences, her thriftiness and her thoughtfulness. I learn a lot from her.

There’s that older woman/younger woman relationship again! Only this time, I’m the younger woman.  I want to be a lifelong learner, in whatever relationships and whatever capacity that God brings my way.

Erna recently gave me a plant that I’ve never seen before.  It’s called a rosary plant.  I don’t think we have them in Canada. The seeds originally came from Germany and the plant boasts these beautiful white beads.  Plant the beads and pass it on! That’s what Erna does through her life as well – she passes on her wisdom and her experiences to me and I keep on growing!

I love my neighbours – I love the fact that we not only make the time to talk but we learn a lot from each other.

Erna's Rosary Plant

Erna’s Rosary Plant

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  1. Karen Perrott

    You are indeed blessed to live in your neighbourhood – your little” Narnia” and they are blessed to have you!

  2. kathy taylor

    What wonderful neighbours!!! They truly are a blessing!! Loved your description of how they enjoy each other and the pace of life- a real community!!!!

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