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There’s Something About Greeting Cards

Condolence cards. Birthday cards. A love letter. Even a special card of kind words, sent by snail mail for no special occasion – just “because.” This past week, our kitchen side table has been adorned with written expressions of love and…well…just taking it all in soothes my soul. It really does.

Card Table

I have always loved cards – looking at them in stores, making them, sending them, receiving them, keeping them. If I’m near a Hallmark store and I have some free time, it’s a dangerous thing –  instantly, I find myself gravitating towards the card section and to my husband’s chagrin, I seldom come out of that store empty handed. Of course, it doesn’t help that the closest Hallmark shop also sells Laura Secord chocolates! Life just doesn’t get any better –  I get to meander my way through all the card sections AND eat chocolate!
 It’s not about frantically running into a card store and grabbing any old card to stick on top of a present. There’s  something very gratifying about that moment when I read a card that instantly makes me think of a particular person – it’s like the card was made for that one person and no one else. Maybe it triggers a memory or it’s hilariously funny. It might communicate hope or ask for forgiveness.  Whatever it is, I know it will be a special shared moment…so I buy it. I know, I know….cards are a ridiculous price but sometimes, you just can’t make price the issue.
 When I discover that perfect card, I don’t need to write anything inside but my name because the card says it all. I enjoy the whole process of addressing the envelope, walking to the mailbox, shoving the card in that little mail slot and best of all, anticipating its reception. Giving a card to someone I love sure does feel good.
Today’s been a “blue” kind of day so I went upstairs with a cup of chai tea and took out this big box of goodies – piles of special cards that have been sent to Chris and I…mostly from each other and some from family and friends.

Box of Cards

Rereading cards lifted my spirits.

I marvelled at the personalized cards from my artistic sister-in-law/photographer.  I giggled at my grandson’s stick figures and humorous ways of making a point. I sang along with the musical cards and watched with curiosity how the pop up cards slide into place. I felt hugged as I read my husband’s romantic words and I was refreshed by some of the inspiration cards from friends.

Then I went to my “ENCOURAGEMENT” file on my laptop and reread some of the E-cards that have been sent to me in the past.

It was a comforting way to spend a couple of hours on a cool Saturday afternoon. I didn’t feel like giving the old bar stools a second coat of brown paint.  Nor did I feel like cleaning the house,  mowing the lawn, thinking about dinner or gardening.

It’s definitely been a “reading cards” kind of day.

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  1. kullikky

    I too love the old greeting cards. How does one dispose if them? I have kept the special ones from family and close friends since Larry and I were engaged 49 years ago. Mine are In several storage boxes in our basement.. When we finally start to sort out the boxes in the basement, can I toss out the cards.? Can I do it? Do I want someone else one day to see how I hoarded these memories? Hmm a hoarder of memories- ’tis I !!!!!

  2. Karen Perrott

    I identify with you ( and the previous comment) , as I also love to re enjoy kindnesses and hate to throw them out . IT ‘s stuff – yes – but precious stuff! So much better to focus on positive memories than the tormenting ones!

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