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Things I Like About Papak and Nana

I had this idea of blogging about five things that I like about Nana and Papak but actually, I can think of 100 things!”


1. I like it when Nana is always excited to see me.

2. Nana teaches me things and uses big words such as, “philology” which is the love of learning. I like using big words too.

3. Nana always cooks good stuff for me but today, we were working on this blog and Nana really burnt all the broccoli.

4. Nana loves watching Shark Week on TV with me. When my mom watches stuff like that, she always says, “Ew… that’s so gross. Let’s watch something else.”

5. I like when Nana lies in bed with me at night and we talk and pray together.


1. I like Papak’s sense of humour because he’s always funny but he’s never rude. Papak told me a lot of people try to be funny but they’re rude too. Papak makes everyone laugh. When he works in the back room, sometimes I walk by and I hear people laughing at Papak’s jokes.

2. I still like wrestling with Papak.  We’ve been wrestling for years. We have a wrestling couch and after we’re finished wrestling, my back hurts because he’s always squishing me and hugging me hard.

3. Papak takes me camping every summer and that’s one of my all time favourite things to do in my whole life.

4. Papak and I love to watch “The Three Stooges” on TV.  He says he likes watching me laugh really hard when the three stooges do silly stuff to each other.

5. Papak and I like eating junk food together, like ice cream bars.


Whenever I come to Papak and Nana’s house, we always do a big group hug. I don’t think I will ever grow too old for this but maybe I will be lifting Nana up soon, instead of Nana lifting me up.

I went to soccer camp every morning for five days with my friend, Kelvin. We played in the rain for two days and I think I caught a cold yesterday but it won’t stop me.

I’m going home today . . . but I’ll be back!

Phoenix Slobodian



  1. Kathy taylor

    Good posting, Phoenix! I’m sure your grandparents are so proud of you. It’s great that you can express how you feel, Phoenix.
    Looking forward to reading about your life again!

  2. Linda

    Sounds like you have a great relationship with your Nana and Papak. I think that is wonderful Phoenie! I know they always look forward to your visits, I’d say they never want those group hugs to end either!

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