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Three Boys and a Raft and Cheesies Up Their Noses

It’s been a long time since I got to spend an afternoon with three goofy eleven-year-old boys.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them hang out together. Phoenie’s here for a few days, so I brought a couple of his friends over and the three of them connected right away. No problem. No arguments. Just a few “establishing territory” conversations about who can run the fastest, jump the farthest and kick a ball the highest.

First on the schedule – popsicles and soccer.

three boys. soccer

34 minutes.

Next: wrestling on the raft in the water.

Of course, there had to be a fair bit of giggling, screaming and pushing each other off the raft as well.

three boys. rafting

64 minutes.

After being waterlogged, they boys came in for potato chips, Cheesies and orange juice.

Lovely, nutritious lunch. I think one of them asked for an apple too.

21 minutes. 

One of the boys walked out on the deck with two Cheesies up his nose so I managed to divert them from wherever THAT game was going.

Next on the agenda? Whacking each other with pool noodles.

three boys. noodles

38 minutes.

More orange juice.

I asked one of the boys if he wanted to go home yet. He gave a very definitive answer, “NO WAY!” I’m exhausted but I’m having so much fun. This is the best summer day I’ve had so far!”

How can you beat THAT answer? This is EXACTLY what summer is all about!

Now the three amigos are heading down the road to a friend’s house to play croquet.

Haven’t heard from them for a while. (It’s been nice to have a little break.)

The summer day adventures continue. I’m thinking there’s a campfire in the next few hours. Maybe some hamburgers. Marshmallows. Another dip in the lake before the torrential downpour predicted for tomorrow.

No phones. No TV. No iPods. No computers.

No mention of any of the above either.

I’ll make a good dinner for Phoenie tonight to offset his potato chip and popsicle lunch.

I know Phoenie will want to snuggle up beside Chris and I later tonight so we can watch the Olympics for an hour.

And then Phoenie will call it a day.

A REALLY good day.

PS. I was right. Campfire, marshmallows and cotton candy green grapes to top it off!

Phoenie roasting an apple



  1. Kathy

    An idyllic summer day….

    • Diane (Author)

      The best!

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