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Three “B’s” To Celebrate…And More

Sunday was a great day – three Big reasons to celebrate.

1. Beautiful weather – we saw people driving in convertibles with the top down, father and son dirt biking, families going for a walk, joggers, cyclists, deer and unfortunately, too much road kill but that means Mother Nature is waking up and strolling across the busy roads.

2. Chris is Back to the Bass. It’s been a long time since I’ve sat in church, watching my husband play bass and I’ve really missed it. It’s definitely in the top ten favourite things for me to do because Chris is truly in his element when he’s hanging out with musicians and plucking that bass.

3. Chris was the Birthday Boy. We headed to downtown Toronto to have dinner with six old friends of Chris’s – old, in terms of how long he has known them, of course! It was really great to watch Chris reminisce about the old days, laugh with his buddies and enjoy a huge plate of spectacularly colored sushi. He was in his glory, for sure!

There’s a lot to celebrate every day, isn’t there? I don’t want to merely exist in my days, but periodically, it happens – twenty four hours can pass by and there’s been no great thoughts about God, no appreciated moments, no loving connections with people and no laughter. When I go to bed those nights, it’s tough to fall asleep because the day feels unfinished and uncelebrated.

Every day doesn’t need to be productive but it needs to be memorable. Every day doesn’t need to be filled with happy but it needs to be peppered with joy. There are days like Sunday, when life is bubbling and then there are days like today, when I make myself stop and think about the simplest of joys.

So far today, an interesting conversation with the garbage man, the discovery of a very fanciful website on crocheted art, being able to put some weight on my broken toes, trying organic Kanpe tea for the first time, finding a forgotten stash of licorice, wondering why there’s a plastic eye ball in the candy dish, filling up the bird feeder, moving forward with my manuscript, watching a loon dunk for minnows, making cinnamon porridge for breakfast and encouraging a hurting friend have all been good reasons to smile.

The moments are there. Sometimes, you just need to look a little harder.

This piece of art – a crocheted bicycle – VERY cool!


The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad.  Psalm 118.24  NIV

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