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Time Does Fly By

I read the following quote today and it confirmed in my heart that our little grandson is growing up too quickly.

The seven ages of man: spills, drills, thrills, bills, ills, pills, wills. —Richard J. Needham

Six years ago, we watched little Phoenie come into this world  – I have a vivid picture etched in my mind of Chris walking down the hospital corridors, awestruck as he cradled this precious gift from God in his arms.

We were blessed grandparents because we had many opportunities to spend long periods of time with Phoenie during his first five years of life. He and I attended the same school – he as a JK/SK student and I, as a high school teacher, so I had the joy of seeing him every day!  Chris, Phoenie and I always had so much fun together when Dawne took a well-needed and much deserved break from all the responsibilities of single parenting.

Papak, Nana and Phoenie went on walks in the rain, read books, wrestled, made smoothies together, built forts, swam, watched old reruns of The Flintstones, played Hide and Seek, sat by the fire, splashed in the waves, took road trips to exciting places, explored the forests, snuggled in bed, made up stories and group hugged.

Now Phoenie lives in Sudbury and has never been happier. He just took his new puppy, Lola, for Show and Tell, he’s thriving at school, he’s learning how to skate and apparently, the day after his mom and Guy got married, he started to call Guy, “Dad” and has never called him anything else since.

I had lunch with Dawne and Guy this afternoon and I am thrilled to hear about how happy Phoenie is.  But I can tell you honestly that Chris and I really miss him.  When Chris starts talking like Phoenie, I know he misses him “real bad”.  This afternoon, he said, ‘I am definitely mourning the loss of that perfect age when Phoenie was younger and life was simpler. The innocence of a child is one of the most magical things on this earth.”

I agree.  Phoenie is growing up….and it feels like it’s happening much too quickly.  Chris and I DEFINITELY need a good dose of Phoenie…..really soon!  He”s  coming to visit in two weeks and we’re taking him to the Dog Sled Races in Cannington…we are counting the days!

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  1. Emily

    Awwww! Pheonie is just great! He’s really growing up. It sounds like the three of you have great times together. It’ll be great for you to get your dose of Pheonix! I hope I get to see again sometime too 😀
    PS: I’d LOVE to hear more about the puppy! 😛

  2. Linda

    Aren’t grandchildren the greatest?! We love our little grandson so much and my husband asked the other day, “Did we love our own kids this much?”

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