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Time Flies

Feels like I just put up the Christmas tree in early December and tomorrow is already the beginning of February!


When we were children, the summer holidays seemed to last forever, and the wait between holidays felt like an eternity. So why is that when we get older, the time seems to zip by, with weeks, months and entire seasons disappearing from a blurred calendar at dizzying speed?

Aging doesn’t grant us the power to disrupt the space-time continuum, so this is not a real problem. But why do we perceive it to be? There are a few theories thrown out there to explain this phenomenon but this one makes the most sense to me.

In retrospect, time seems to pass more quickly the older we get. From childhood to early adulthood, we have many fresh experiences and learn countless new skills. As adults, though, our lives become more routine, and we experience fewer unfamiliar moments. As a result, our early years tend to be relatively overrepresented in our autobiographical memory and, on reflection, seem to have lasted longer. Of course, this means we can also slow time down later in life. We can alter our perceptions by keeping our brain active, continually learning skills and ideas, and exploring new places.  Time really does fly when we’re having fun!     James M. Broadway

Another good reason to keep learning as we get older!

Busyness doesn’t slow things down but focusing on new skills does. These days, photography and yoga stretching, leading two new kinds of women’s groups and working my way through a vegan cookbook are keeping my days full of fresh experiences. I’ve said it before  – I am committed to being a lifelong learner. I don’t ever want to stop being curious and finding out new truths about this world we live in.  This morning, I watched an inspiring video of an 80-year old woman doing front dives into a mattress! Yesterday, I was doing cartwheels on the lake and although I am a wee bit sore in the butt today, it was SO worth the pain! This week, I learned about my 12-year-old grandson’s magnetic linear accelerator experiment AND I also realized that I can still beat him in a wrestling match in the snow!

I think learning to live in and appreciate the present moment slows life down as well. There are days I am worse at this then other days but the desire and discipline to do so is growing. I like this age. I like the freedom of slowing down and savouring experiences, rather than just making my way through them.

So February, bring it on!



  1. inspiring and motivating…

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks, Karen. Your life inspires me too. Your love and service to others has always touched me deeply.

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