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To Tutor Or Not to Tutor

This was definitely my favourite conversation of the week. I love the way kids think!

I picked up A.J.  from school and on the way home, he struck up this conversation.

AJ: I have a question.

Diane: OK. Shoot.

AJ: My friends at school think that tutoring is boring but I tell them that I really like tutoring. I tell them that my tutor isn’t boring at all.

Diane: Glad to hear that, AJ. I always enjoy time with you too. So, what’s your question? (once a teacher, always a teacher, right?)

AJ:  Can you come to my birthday party and you can meet my friends and you can tutor them there so they can see that tutoring is fun?

Diane: You want me to tutor at your birthday party? I’m not sure your friends will want to do that. What other plans did you have for the party?

AJ: Everyone is bringing their BMX bikes…so maybe while we’re racing on our bikes, you can tutor.

Diane: (chuckling) Hm….that sounds dangerous, AJ. I’m not that talented.

AJ: You’re really good on a bike, Diane. I’ve seen you! You can tutor and pedal at the same time. And I want you to bake too.

Diane: At the same time as I race on my bike and tutor?

AJ: No, that ‘s impossible. After we finish riding bikes, we can bake…maybe cookies or your banana cake that I really like.

Diane: That sounds like a pretty strange birthday party to me. Maybe I can meet your friends another time?

AJ: I want you to meet them really soon because time always goes really quickly when you tutor me and it’s fun and I want my friends to know that tutoring doesn’t have to be boring.

Diane: OK. Well, maybe we can figure out another time for your friends to meet me. Meanwhile, you plan your BMX party and I’ll make you a banana cake. Deal?

AJ: Deal!

Such a good moment with AJ. This is a young guy with such a sensitive spirit and a heart of gold!








  1. LOL
    I think you should go on a”birthday party tour”and do the biking/baking /tutoring gig… sounds like a hit!

    • Diane (Author)

      I’ve always been good at multitasking but this is ridiculous! 🙂

  2. Kathy

    What a compliment to your tutoring!! He’s so proud of you, he wants all of friends to meet you!!

    • Diane (Author)

      Well, we sure do have a great time together and it’s fantastic to watch his reading and his confidence in reading improve so much! So proud of him!

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