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One Step At A Time


A neighbour friend took this picture, after asking me how I felt about failing the driving test.  How do I feel? I feel free! Bus driving isn’t the right part time job for me and I’m so thankful that the madness has stopped.

I really appreciated the humorous blog comment –

You have wonderful giftings in “people” – now you’ve recognized that they are not in “vehicles.”:)

I most definitely don’t have the gift of “vehicles” and trying to drive a bus has solidified that truth.

A closed door speaks volumes, doesn’t it?  It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With the right attitude, a closed door can provide as much direction as an open door does, in terms of the next potential step.  When you believe that ultimately, your life is not yours and that there is Someone bigger who guides and directs, you can give your best and fail something, yet not feel like a failure.

I need closed doors.  I don’t naturally like or want them…but I need them.  When I get something in my head, I have a tendency to drive through it, rather than stopping for a moment and reflecting on the possibility that it’s not a good direction to continue.

Can I trust God with the next step?  Absolutely.  Do I naturally and easily trust God with the next step?  Absolutely not.

I need a gentle reminder now and then of the Truth. Thanks, God..for the closed door.

Life is God’s novel.  Let Him write it.”   Isaac Bashevis Singer

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  1. Debbie

    What a great piece of shared wisdom! Thanks
    Congratulations on your new found freedom! May you find a warm and welcoming open door. Till then, shine on!

  2. Barb

    Very good, Diane. Amazing insight into the freedom found abiding in Christ. It’s not a failure, it’s a road block to change direction. I can almost hear your voice as I read your blog.

    Have a great weekend.

    Blessings Barb

  3. kathy taylor

    Whoopee ! THIS is the Diane I know !!! Freeeeeee !!!
    You make me smile every time I hear your voice , read your notes or blogs, or talk to you.
    You have such a great attitude, Diane. I am proud to be called your sister!! Hugs Kathy

  4. Linda Armbruster

    Hey Kiddo! You bring a smile to my face! xo

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