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Too Much Excitement!

How can I not blog about the CN Tower Edge Walk that my family decided would be a most excellent 61st birthday present for me??

I have to admit that I was very tempted to pull out of this craziness.

About five nights before, I had a terrible dream about this experience and the next morning, I was convinced that I would be the first person whose cable broke while hanging 356 meters over Toronto. (Apparently, I’m not the first person who had had some trouble with this disturbing thought.) However, I didn’t want to disappoint my family – children and grandchildren – who had gathered on the 46th floor of a nearby hotel in great anticipation of watching me walk around the top of the CN Tower. More importantly, I didn’t want my irrational thinking to control my decision.

While we were suiting up for this escapade, we all had to take a breathalyzer test.  Ironically I, a non-drinker, failed the test, not once – but four times. This provided a light and humourous moment for the seven of us before we headed out for our adventure.

When I first walked out onto the grate (about the width of a sidewalk…but you can see right through), I almost felt sick.  Let me tell you, no one was holding tighter onto the rope than I was! The first feat to conquer was called “Toes Over Toronto” so you walk forward to the edge of the grate until your toes are hanging over the edge, you let go of the rope, put your hands out and yell, “HELLO, TORONTO!” Sounds easy enough but by far, it was the most difficult activity for me. I got my toes to the edge but there was only one arm stretched out and no yelling. One by one, the seven of us performed the feat and then we began to walk around the top of the tower.

The second feat was hanging over the edge backwards. It took a while for me to edge myself backward and hang. Take a look at the picture at the end of this blog. As you can see, I’m hanging on for dear life! The last activity was leaning forward over the edge of the grate and letting go of the rope.  This was also a very freaky feeling but I actually found it to be the easiest to do. I think it’s because we were doing performing this superhero feat right in front of the hotel where my family was so I wanted to impress them! (Unfortunately, the sun was in the wrong place at that time of the day, so they couldn’t really see me very well.)

I won’t be doing this again but I’m very glad that I took the challenge. I’m not sure I would call this experience, “fun” but it certainly was breathtaking to see far and wide across this beautiful city – and beyond.

Definitely a memorable way to celebrate my birthday!

However,  I have told my family that next year, I would prefer a nice, quiet facial.








  1. Kathytaylor

    Oh Diane! You are brace indeed!!! Don’t know if I could have gone this…,but YOU DID IT!!!!
    Guess you’re ready for The Amazing Race Canada!!!
    Hmmmm a birthday to remember for sure!!
    I’ll join you in the facial!!!

    • Kathytaylor

      Oops too!! I meant BRAVE indeed!!

      • Diane (Author)

        I’m up for a facial anytime, Sis!

  2. Anne Loewen

    My picture would be totally photoshopped as I can barely get to the fourth step on the ladder! Way to go, Diane.

    • Diane (Author)

      Thanks, Anne. Won’t be doing it any time soon again. One of those “one time only” experiences!

  3. No. Just no. Just reading this was too much excitement !!

    • Diane (Author)

      Lol. Yah…when I look at the pictures, I get dizzy!

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