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Two Important Words

Every Friday, I pose a question for FB followers. Yesterday, I asked the following question:

If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in only two words?

I received some awesome answers, worthy of being read.

What words would YOU add?

Have a great weekend!


Keep faith.

I can.

Be kind.

Eat healthy.

Tell someone.

Trust God.

Slow down.

Stay strong.

Always believe.

Don’t quit.

Breathe deeply.

Pay attention.

Be still.

Live possibility.

Obey God.

You belong.

Be real.

Relax more.

Know yourself.

And grace.

Work hard.

What if?

Be humble.

Lighten up.

Think again.

Thank you.

Love life.

Date Jeff.

Look up.

Truth wins.

Surrender all.

Fear not.

Remain kind.

Be you.

Stay strong.

Pray daily.

Love fully.

Think twice.

Grow up.

Trust God.

Be humble.

Not him.

Listen more.

He’s there.

It’s enough.

Trust yourself.

Be yourself.

Save money.

Love yourself.

Have fun.

Be silly.

Appreciate now.

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