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“Tyranny of the Urgent”

Isaiah and his dumptruck

“it’s gonna be a cold day at work”

For those who are following my blog,  I thought this picture would make you smile!  It’s Isaiah and the rescued dump truck!  (see December 4th entry)  Despite the snow, Isaiah insisted on climbing on his dump truck so mom took a picture!

Talking about snow, my son just sent me an image from his phone – apparently, London, Ontario got a huge snow dump last night and the university declared two snow days, even in the midst of exams!  Officially, it’s still fall – tell the weather that!

Winter is amazing when you live on the lake.   For the past few days, I have spent many hours writing and rewriting a book proposal so that has meant many hours of sitting at our big, wooden kitchen table, looking out onto Lake Simcoe.  It’s been fascinating to watch the waves fold and slowly succumb to ice.  For the past few nights, my husband and I have fallen asleep to the sound of howling wind and cracking ice.

I distinctly remember that last year, there was this very small window of time when the weather cooperated and the lake fr0ze when it was calm.  Chris and I were “newbies” on the street so we didn’t have any idea when or how to make an ice rink.  However, Jim, down the road, knew what he was doing so he laced up his ice skates and spent hours shoveling the snow off the ice, while his dog chased him and played in the snow drifts.  Alsops Beach Rd. inhabitants ended up with a “masterpiece”  ice rink, just in time for Christmas Eve day.  But it didn’t last long and if you didn’t seize the opportunity when it presented itself, you missed the simple thrill of skating on the lake!

How many opportunities to we miss in life?

Some years ago, I read a little pamphlet entitled, “The Tyranny of the Urgent” by Charles E. Hummel.   The author makes the point that you must plan life around priorities or you’ll become distracted with the urgent, rather than enjoying the important things in life.  I recommend that you grab a blanket and a cup of tea, plunk yourself down in a chair and read through this classic because the Christmas season is upon us.   I gave up on the “Normal Rockwell/ Martha Stewart” Christmas standard years ago but I still struggle with slowing down enough to enjoy the simple things about this special season.  I want to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and truly know His peace in my life.

……which reminds me – I gotta go out and get a pair of skates!

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  1. kathy taylor

    Brrrrr. I loved the cold wintry pictures you have painted..can jst see Jim scooting or is it skating along the ice with his dog nipping at his heals. The wind howling, the ice cracking,and you cozy inside with your Franklin Stove…hot choclate..your chai latte, and a good book.
    I’m trying to enjoy the “Joulude Ootus” (the awaiting time of Christmas in Estonian). This was just wished to me by our Mom’s good friend Asta. She also has such a way with words and is working on her second book. Her first was “My Heritage”-I think Chris has it. Many reflections in there too.
    Love your writing style-and your humour in everything. Keep it up, Diane!!

  2. Emily

    Get out there!

  3. Emily

    Also, that is one heck of an adorable picture of Isaiah. And one BIIIIIIG dumptruck!

  4. Karen Perrott

    What a great gift you are giving to Danielle- the gift of time! and it sounds like you “had a ball” with her kids too. This is a good example of the older and the younger women giving to each other- truly reciprocal- a win- win!!

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