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Unexpected Sabbath Day

Twelve hours of hunched over writing yesterday resulted in a finished chapter AND a back spasm. I’m prone to these spasms a couple of times a year and they put me flat on my back for about 24 hours with a couple of muscle relaxants, some ice packs and some seriously interrupted sleep. It’s not a pleasant experience but I’ve tried a number of different remedies over the past couple of years and this combination seems to work the best.

This time, I felt the “twinge” and decided to proactively attack the problem before the rhythmical contractions started…but I still took a muscle relaxant late last night. The game plan was that the pill would take effect during the night and I would be fine in the morning.

Well, the good news is that the full blown contractions never happened –  I was able to intercept the spasms in time.  The bad news is that the muscle relaxants left me in a bit of a fog all day. As the doctor explained to me, “Diane, when you take a muscle relaxant, it doesn’t just relax the one muscle which is in spasm – it causes all the muscles to relax…and you will feel a bit different.”

“Different” this time meant sleeping in until 10:00 a.m. – something I just don’t do. “Different” also meant walking around  all day feeling a bit “out of it.” I couldn’t focus very well and I didn’t feel like myself.

I’m not sure which is the best direction to go -back spasm or foggy feeling.

Like I said before, the spasms put me flat on my back.  It’s like the Lord MAKES me lie down in green pastures.  Life slows down to a halt and I spend a lot more time in prayer…and that’s good.  The foggy feeling slows me down too.  I couldn’t write today but on the other hand, I was available to lend a L-O-N-G and loving, listening ear to a friend who really needed it today…and that was good too.

The bottom line is that these intermittent back spasms change the speed of my day. Either way I handle them, I have to slow down to a crawl. It’s like a built in Sabbath day, so if I can get the attitude right, maybe…just maybe…I can let go of my agenda and hold on to Jesus.

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