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Valentine’s Day 2017

Our neighbour was so kind to snow plow our parking spaces yesterday morning so I pulled out, sat in my car and waited until he was finished. I switched on the radio and listened to a few of James McDonald’s wise words on his broadcast, “Walk in the Word.”

Marriage isn’t just about living together.  It’s about loving and blessing each other.       

This really caught my attention.

What does blessing each other really look like in a marriage?

I think that the word, “blessed” slips too easily off our lips. Feeling blessed is very trendy these days. Just take a quick look at Social Media and you’ll see how many people feel #blessed. Found the shoes I wanted? #Blessed. Got early acceptance into university? #Blessed. Unexpected raise? #Blessed. Lost the weight I wanted? #Blessed. And it goes on.

The Greek word translated “blessed” is makarioi which means “to be fully satisfied.” Blessing is anything God gives that makes us fully satisfied in Him. Everything. The perceived good and not so good.  As a beloved child of God, I am blessed. I am also blessed to bless others.

So, what does this look like in marriage?

Rick Ezell explains it so well when he looks at the story of Isaac, Esau and Jacob in Genesis 27. 

  1. A blessing needs to be felt. (vs. 21)
  2. A blessing needs to be spoken. (vs. 27)
  3. A blessing attaches special value to the person.


I brought up this topic of blessing with Chris late last night.

Diane:Do you want to talk about what it means to bless each other?

Chris: No. Not really.  (hesitantly)

Diane: I knew you were going to say that. 

Chris: I knew you were going to ask that. 

One way we bless each other is respecting each other’s thought processes. 🙂  Both of us liked the question but we needed time to think about our answers.

So, we decided that our Valentine’s gift to each other this year will be our blessing over each other while we enjoy a wonderful dinner tonight.

Miss no single opportunity of making some simple sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word, always doing the smaller right and doing it all for love. St. Thérèse of Lisieux











  1. Diane, I love the definition of blessed. God is satisfying because He is love. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Diane (Author)

      And Happy Valentine’s Day to you both as well! Be love, Wendy.

  2. I had trouble with that word “blessed”…until now. I, too, saw much evidence of people on social media declaring that they were “blessed” and I had to question, why them? Why not the ones who really need it? A blessing should be all inclusive and yet the use of that term often infers exclusivity.

    When I read the definition over again, it seems to me that It is the receiver that recognizes and then acknowledges God’s presence in their life…in the good times and the bad. The blessing is always there. The believer acknowledges, either quietly, or publicly.

    I like your definition. Thank you.

  3. Diane (Author)

    Hi Wendy, Thanks for your excellent input. Much appreciated. This was not my definition but I too, really like the description of the word, “blessed.” I also like the explanation of what a blessing includes. Good stuff, for sure!

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