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Vancouver Restaurant

This is going to read like a plug for the Vancouver Marriott hotel but stay with me.

No question – the best restaurant dining experience I’ve ever had.

It all started with an outstanding waitress named Zahra and it just kept getting better.

My friend, Linda and I struck up a good conversation with Zahra who, despite her busy station (as I recall my Crock and Block restaurant waitressing days – short lived as they were – I do believe the tables to which I was assigned were called my “station”) made time to talk, answer questions and tell a couple of personal stories.

Linda and I both ordered vegan soup and it was absolutely amazing — ginger, carrot, apple, parsnip, celery root soup, with a swirl of chili oil and a dusting of chives. No cream, no butter.

Superb combination of tastes.

Marriot soup

As Linda and I further browsed the menu, the sous-chef came and spoke to us. I asked him what he would suggest and immediately, he mentioned octopus. My husband made me try octupus once and all I remember is rubbery food so I said to Kenny, “No, I don’t think so. I don’t like octopus.” He confidently and politely responded with, “Oh, you haven’t tasted my octupus” and he proceeded to tell us how he cooked it.

  • Cured in salt, sugar and lemon
  • Marinaded for 24 hours
  • Rinsed and sous-vides 85 degrees for six hours
  • Smoked for 35 minutes
  • Grilled with chorizo vinaigrette on top.

“It’s bacon of the sea” he declared at the end of his description.

By the time, he had explained the entire process, I was ‘hooked.” (Appropriate word to use because it was served with roast arctic char, gnocchi and grilled broccolini.)

Incredible food.

I took a picture of it AFTER I ate a couple of bites. 🙂

Marriot first course

After Linda and I finished the first course, I said to her, “I’m too full to order a big dessert but I wish they had the little sampler desserts.” No sooner did those words come out of my mouth, when the chef de partie, Wesley came to our table with a dessert.

“I would like to try out my new dessert creation on you, if you are willing.” 

  • Liquid nitrogen frozen Vietnamese coffee
  • Orange flavoured condensed milk sauce
  • Raspberry gel
  • Chocolate cake
  • White chocolate crumb
  • Purple Bachelor button edible flowers

(I took a picture of his creation but somehow deleted it from my camera. Sorry for the disappointment after such a tantalizing description!)

As we sampled the dessert, Wesley sat with us, explained the preparations and asked our opinion. Linda came up with an excellent suggestion and Wesley was very appreciative of the feedback.

At the end of the meal, Kenny returned and talked with us for another few minutes and to top it all off, my generous friend paid for the meal. Thanks, Linda!

What a special evening.

When people are passionate about what they do, they rise and shine. Linda and I were mesmerized with the way Zahra, Kenny and Wesley thrived at serving us with excellence.

And I must add that if you’re ever in Vancouver, check out the restaurant in The Marriott hotel. You will not be disappointed.

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  1. Kathy

    You should send this review to Sounds scrumptious!!

    • Diane (Author)

      A good idea. I’ve also written the Marriott hotel to brag about this great experience.

  2. So why didn’t you invite me along? (smile) It sounds wonderful.

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