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Very Funny…But Get to Work! (Please)

Every few months, I ask Chris to create a printed archive of a year’s worth of blog posts. So far, he’s completed the years 2010 – 2013 and all those posts are neatly organized in big binders.  I’m old school, I guess – I like a hard copy.

I have to confess – this is definitely not one of Chris’ favourite jobs. Putting everything together is tedious work for him so I encourage him to watch hockey while he’s compiling. This plan definitely increases his productivity but left alone, he would settle into the game WITHOUT doing this job . . .  so I have to lovingly remind him. Hence, a couple of nights ago, I nonchalantly hung a sign (BLOG BLOG BLOG) over the chair that he normally sits in – as a gentle reminder, of course.

While I was out, he creatively added to it. The finished product is the featured image for the day.

I love this man’s sense of humour but . . . get to work, Chris…..pretty please!


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