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Victoria Day Fireworks

Hi! It’s Phoenie here, reporting from Nana and Papak’s house. It’s always fun here!

The weather was great this weekend so my friend and I got to go tubing together. I always go on my knees because if I go on your stomach, I flip and if I stand up, it’s easier for me to fall off. When I’m sitting, I have a bit more control. I would probably stand up but my friend, Kelvin goes crazy on the tube and I have to hold on for my life.

Kelvin and Phoenie tubing May 2016

Kelvin is braver than I am…or dumber. Probably both! 🙂

He likes to scream and jump up and down and he makes a lot of noise when we’re just about ready to go over the wake.

Kelvin and Phoenie tubing 2

At sunset, we headed out on the boat so we could watch the fireworks from the lake. We had to wait for a while and I enjoyed it because we were laughing a lot with Nana. Kelvin’s mom’s friend bought a ton of fireworks and I like the ones that make cool noises, like when they sizzle and whistle.

heading out for fireworks from the boat

This is Nana, my mom, Kelvin and I wrapped up because the bugs were terrible. The bugs weren’t that bad until Kelvin decided to turn on the light on his phone and then we were attacked by mosquito bombs.

Dawne, Kelving, Phoenie and I heading out on the boat


I took this picture of the fireworks and Papak took some cool pictures too. I also took some videos of the fireworks. I really like watching explosions.
big fireworks

I had to leave right after the fireworks because Mom and I had to drive home so unfortunately,  I missed the S’Mores. I was really disappointed about that but I was really tired too and I fell asleep quickly in the car.

The good news is that I’m coming back to Nana and Papak’s house in two weeks and we’re going to the Lumberjack Championships.  I’ve never seen that before so I’m wondering what it’s going to be like. Anyways, gotta’ go…

Thanks for reading my blogs!

Phoenix Slobodian

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