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Visiting A Different World

You just never know where life will take you!

This morning, my husband and I attended our first bikini bodybuilding competition in Toronto. Our son’s girlfriend was competing and I was really looking forward to watching her perform. There’s something about the competitive atmosphere that makes me feel right at home because of my years of gymnastics training and competition.

Well, the event was called the King Kong Classic so of course, I had to meet King Kong himself.  This guy’s arms were HUGE! I think he was squeezing me so tight in this picture that the veins were popping in my neck!


What an amazing experience it was to enter this foreign world. There were five different categories of competition: bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini and physique.

My son had watched Christina compete last year so I sat next to him and pummelled him with questions.

Why do the judges keep moving the competitors around?

Are they constantly flexing while trying to look relaxed?

How are the poses chosen for each category?

What are the judges looking for? Now what? Now what?

What happens to the spray on tan when they are sweating?

Why is that skinny guy on stage?

Up until today, we have been hearing about the effort Christina has been putting into going to this competition. Chris & I are astounded by all of her hard work and we are very proud of her. As a “natural” competition, none of the competitors are allowed to use any form of steroids or other stimulants to aid in their development – only diet and exercise. The training, the diet, the discipline, have been immense. There is a tremendous amount of coaching required too.

This is not a full-time thing for Christina. She has trained twice for it in two years (many of her competitors have been doing it full-time and for many years). Her level of achievement has been fantastic. In her first competition, she placed 6th out of about 26, many of them seasoned veterans and even some pros. Christina told us that she had been wondering since then, whether she could do even better. Thus the competition today, with the months of work prior.

After the preliminaries, we were chatting with Christina’s girlfriends outside the athlete’s area. They had been in to congratulate her. We asked if they knew what Christina wanted to do after the meet.

“Go get a really good hamburger.”

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