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Waiting And Anticipating

Today has been a time of quiet retreat.

It’s been an emotionally up and down week for me so I was looking forward to being still this morning.

Quieted before the Lord.

Waiting and anticipating.

“George Pardington, a Christian leader of the past century, believed that waiting was an essential discipline of the Christian life. He encouraged Christian leaders to get alone and wait for God before beginning to minister. He spoke of silently anticipating the “dew” of God’s presence before proceeding to serve people…Until the minister sensed the Holy Spirit’s presence, it was too soon to work. He must wait.” Terry Wardle, Healing Care, Healing Prayer

“dew” – moisture condensed from the atmosphere, especially at night, and deposited in the form of small drops upon any cool surface in the early morning. Something like or compared to such drops of moisture. refreshing quality.

dew picture 2


I do enjoy the picture of “anticipating the dew of God’s presence.”  It is a very intentional and hopeful posture, isn’t it?

“By quieting herself before the Lord, she will be able to hear the whispers of His love.” Terry Wardle


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