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Wakey, Wakey, Rise and Shine

First, it was the sound of guns. (Duck hunters on the lake)

Then it was the coffee grinder.

I was almost asleep for the third time when I heard the distant train horn.

Eyes shut, I rolled over and put the pillow over my head. Of course, that’s when the geese party flew by, honking in unison.

I snuggled into my sheets one last time, hoping to catch a few more minutes sleep but no…it wasn’t meant to be. The train came rumblin’ by.

Time to get up. No more sleep for Diane this morning.

Honestly, I was bothered. Instead, I lay in bed and surrendered to all the sounds around me. Cars driving by, children talking, dogs barking . . .

Thank you God for ears that work.

Thank you for the many sounds of life.

It’s an attitude thing, right?

you decide3




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