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Weekend Retreat – I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together

We figured it out – this is the sixth year that I’ve spent the weekend with an amazing group of women from Sunrise Pregnancy and Family Support Services.

How I love these three days! It’s fun, food and freedom overload – reuniting with friends from past years and meeting women who took the leap and hung out with us for the first time. So glad to meet you – Lisa, Amanda, Oliviah and Ami!

I got to bring my own djembe to the drum circle this year!

I was introduced to drumming two years ago when talented, animated and very motivating teacher, Anne Webb, came and led us in an hour of beating the drums. I enjoyed the experience so much, I went out and bought a djembe and I haven’t looked back since! I’m always up to drum when the opportunity presents itself! Anne returned to us this weekend and once again, got us all “feeling the rhythm” and stepping out of our inhibitions. We were introduced to some crazy percussion instruments from Ann’s personal collection (see feature image) . . .


. . . and we did some fancy drumming . . .


Of course, THE best foot massager in the world treated us to some lovin’ . . .

Gloria, you are the best . . .


. . . and we created some great crafts, thanks to Esther’s great preparation and leadership.


I spoke on the topic of being authentic – and I sure do enjoy telling stories! (Hm…that doesn’t really make sense, does it?)


One of my favourite moments? Watching mom and baby enjoying the drumming experience together.


There were so many memorable times. I love watching tired moms being pampered and ministered to, laughing and appreciating the delicious food and wonderful hospitality given by Fair Havens staff, connecting with older and younger women, playing games and just being away from all the responsibilities at home for a couple of nights.

I am so thankful for these days. I’m always taken back to my young mom days – the fatigue and the challenges, the joys and the uncertainties. I am honoured to be given the opportunity to speak into these womens’ lives and I will continue to pray for each and every one.

Thanks Karen Perrott, for your never ending love for each of us, your sacrifices and your beautiful servant’s heart. I am so thankful that we’re friends. I love this feature image because this colourful collection of percussion instruments reminds me of what God has done through your humble, kind and willing heart. For so many years, you have brought together women of all shapes and sizes, sounds and backgrounds – so that we can encourage each other, listen to each other’s stories and make great music together. We all need each other.

Now, back to reality, right?

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