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So, let me tell you about our  Overflow “early Christmas” get together!  We had a ball!  There were nine of us…..four “younger” women (ages 13, 13, 13, 15) and five “older” women (ages….20+,30 +, 40+, 50+, 60+) As soon as everyone got to my place, I plunked an elf hat on everybody’s head and we proceeded to make an assembly line to create  “elf” packages of edible goodies for my neighbors.  We attached bells and ribbons and tags that said, ” Merry Christmas – you’ve been “elfed”. When it got dark that night, we all bundled up in warm clothes and headed out.  We  ran up to my neighbours’  front doors,  put the package on their porch, knocked loudly on their doors…and RAN!  It was mass chaos as we slipped on the ice, bumped into each other and frantically ran for our hiding places.  My neighbors opened the door to giggly voices but no bodies!  However, when they were prompted to  “look down”, they were delighted to find packages of Christmas goodies waiting for them.  Now, that’s called “elfing”!  Later that day, we had a fun gift exchange, we read a wonderful Christmas story called, ” The Last Straw” by Paula Palangi, we ate chicken fondue and killer chocolate cake and we  had fun,  just hanging out  together.   No one was in a rush to go home!  Welcome to Overflow!  It’s simple…but it’s intentional, it’s uplifting and it’s  “iron sharpening iron”  in a powerful way!

Some comments from the younger and the older….

“I think that the Overflow group gives us time for reflections AND laughs. It’s really helped me to get outside my comfort zone in terms of being social. I’ve met so many wonderful people who I probably would have never met without coming to Overflow. On Saturday, I definetely laughed a lot. Everything we did was extremely new to me. Spending time with everyone was great, even though we didn’t really get lots of time to talk (after all it was a party!)  I feel like I’ve learned more about everyone, just through that one evening!”  (13 year old)

“I would like to express that Gloria had so much valuable time on Saturday and she told me that she went to the neighbors to give treats and wished them to have a Merry Christmas. That was  a new experience for Gloria and she enjoyed it so much that day.  I really appreciate you and the Overflow group.”  ( a parent)

“Saturday was fun!  It was great for me to get away from everything and come to a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and socialize with a group of wonderful women!  The food was great too, especially those Hello Dolly squares.. they were the best!  :)”      (30+)

“Being transparent  in a multi generational group  is a stretching, very positive  experience. I  so  respect and value each woman I  am getting to know.They are each teaching me so much  and I am, in turn, encouraged  by sharing my life experiences ( whether good or bad). I  enjoy every moment of it, and honestly can’t wait till our next Get together. Saturday was a blast!  Thanks for your creative planning.  Each event helped me to get to know the others better.  Your neighbors are lucky to have you on their street.  I bet they have never been “elfed” before!  What a great memory!”  (60+)

“I think it was the most amazing time! we got to really bond and connect in a way that would’ve been extremely awkward for me…(I don’t know about others) if it were in a “normal’ situation. We got to have fun and show our relationship (older women and younger women) to others through”elfing”. We learned how old and young alike,  we are all female and we can obviously have fun without any age barriers or awkwardness!”  (13 years old)

Our group has met before and each time, I plan something different.   I have send out questions for everybody to think about beforehand and we have had some wonderful discussions together.  We have told stories and asked questions, listened and encouraged…and each time that we meet, we’re all so glad that we took the time to spend these precious hours together.    We talk about God, we talk about life and struggles and hope and loss and creativity and school and children and “busyness”  …we talk about being women and we vulnerably share our struggles with each other.

..and so we will continue…next meeting….Saturday, February 5th!…just in time to go skating on the lake!

I strongly believe that women need each other.  I have been in full time Christian work for 30 years.  I have served in university, community and overseas missions, facilitated bible studies in church, taught and counseled in the high school setting, privately counseled, befriended, “life coached”, mentored, committed to, encouraged and exhorted, wept with and embraced, listened to and prayed for many women.   It has been my passion and delight  to speak into the lives of women and to put myself in places where older women can teach me.  Each one of us is the younger and the older woman….and we need each other to grow in wisdom and godliness.

We always make time for the things that we consider important, don’t we?  I think it is really important that we make the effort to help other women live for God’s glory. That’s what I hope and pray Overflow does!

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  1. Emily

    Great first post! <3

  2. Glo

    that sums everything up

  3. joanne

    What a wonderful idea, and Overflow sounds like such an enriching group.

    And, the “elfing” is a riot! I agree with the person who said that those neighbours are lucky to have you!!

    Keep on writing…

  4. Danielle

    Fantastic! I’m looking forward to regularly reading your blog!!

  5. Jackie

    What a great start. I felt myself being ‘pulled in’ very quickly and wanted to keep on reading. So, what’s next? I can hardly wait……

  6. Leigh

    you Never change….you are a joy to everyone who is blessed to know you! xoxo

  7. Wow, Diane, what a huge heart you have and what a great impact you must have on all the people (after all men are affected by their loved ones’ happiness, too!) you come into contact with! Proud to have found you!
    Tanya Freedman
    Author, Mentor

  8. Mai

    Hey Di – I finally got onto your blog……..from one computer illiterate to another…… have a great and natural writing style – very personal and easy to read – it just seems to flow.
    We had a speaker at church this morning, Melissa Bone, who with her husband Terry, has written a book about women blessing other women through the generations. Her “sermon” reminded me of your book and the passion you have for women of all ages to learn from each other!
    May God bless you in your writing!
    xo Mai

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